Tel Aviv Stock Exchange

Years: 2012, 2015 and 2016

Stage 1 (2012) Central Computer Room Installed equipment: 1 IRat Electrosonic 1200, 3 Amplifiers, 331 ultrasonic speakers.

Electrical infrastructures: electrical panel rooms, cable trays and electrical connections.

Installed equipment: 2 Irat Electrosonic 1200, 5 amplifiers and 588 ultrasonic speakers.

Stage 2 (2015-2016)

Office floors: acoustic ceilings and acoustic floating floors (12 floors and 4 basements).

Installed equipment: 13 IRat Electrosonic 1200, 30 amplifiers, 3,000 ultrasonic speakers.

Project description: The Tel Aviv Stock Exchange building is located very close to the Carmel Market, the largest open-air fruit and vegetable market in the city, which is a focus of rodents as a result of the amount of waste produced daily .

Given the large amount of damage caused, it was decided to implement our rodent prevention system to protect critical electricity and communications facilities.

The project was carried out in 2 stages. In the first stage, the system was installed in the central computer room, the electricity rooms and the electrical infrastructures, being subsequently completed with the installation in 4 basements and 12 office floors (acoustic ceilings and acoustic floating floors).