We are experts in preventing damages caused by rats and mice to mission critical systems.

Since 1983 we have installed thousands of anti rodent systems in all types of projects.

Some of our clients are: banks, energy and water companies, communication routes, railroads, all kinds of stadiums (electricity rooms), telephone, internet and multimedia companies, data centers, etc.

Our exclusive IRat Electrosonic anti rodent systems are suitable for the protection of all types of facilities and needs.

We have tailored solutions that cover from a simple electrical panel to a very big facility!

The problem


Rodents in a critical system is a serious problem that can cause damages, fatal accidents and deseases transmision.

This is why it is necessary to attend the problem and solve it as efficiently as possible.

The solution


In Electro Sonic Aragón we have the solution:

Our IRat Electtrosonic exclusive sistem added to our expertise will end the rodents damages in your critical installations.